Residential Cleaning

It is a pity that quite a number of people do not really pay as much attention as they should to their carpets. As a result, so many of these beautiful rugs have been turned into beautiful feme fatales, using their beauty to appeal to you, but in real sense being deathtraps. With all the dust and other allergens that are trapped in the carpets, every other time that you are on it, there is always the risk of catching something terrible.

We use these carpets on a daily basis. Some of us even sit down on them while we are eating. We play with our kids on them, and kids run their fingers on them too, further inserting them in their mouths. If there ever has been a good reason to keep your carpet clean, it can never get any better than this.

Carpet Cleaning
Other than just keeping it clean for health purposes, cleaning your carpet is also a good way of making sure that you are able to maintain its longevity. In particular if you spent quite a sum in getting this carpet, seeing it fall to pieces in under 2 years would be such a waste of finances, something that you can avoid by keeping it clean.

Cleaning and maintaining the carpet on your own can be something that you would not wish to do, particularly when we consider the costs that would be involved in getting you the cleaning materials and equipment. However, we take care of all that for you, and offer you affordable cleaning services.

Carpet Repairs
As we go on cleaning your carpet, we keep tabs on the conditions, so that as soon as we notice something detrimental to its longevity, we will handle it almost immediately.You need to get proper care and maintenance for your carpet, and nothing can be further from the truth. Most people tend to assume that this is all about keeping the carpet clean, but in real sense, keeping your carpet clean is the first step towards keeping your family’s health in check.With years of experience in doing this, you can count on us to take good care of you, your carpet and essentially, your family.

Tile Cleaning
Alongside the carpet cleaning services that we offer, we also go one further and provide tile cleaning services. It is only fair that we do this, instead of ignoring the rest of your floor and adjacent tiles. With that in mind, St. Peters Carpet Cleaning Service has since been offering tile cleaning services to our clients.

Upholstery Cleaning
Having excelled in carpet and drape cleaning, it was only fair that we extended our services into upholstery cleaning for clients. This was pretty obvious, considering the fact that we are now able to offer clients a wholesome and all-round service. With this we are able to make your living area as safe as you have always wanted it to be.

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