St. Peters Carpet Cleaning

Mold & Mildew Removal

In as much as carpets normally add a functional aura to the room, you also need to pay attention to the fact that these beautiful pieces of fabric can also turn out to be breeding ground for things like mildew, mold and bacteria. This is particularly so in places that are normally exposed to darkness or damp conditions, and this becomes a health hazard for all who access the room. In such a situation, you need to get in touch with St. Peters Carpet Cleaning to make sure that your carpet is kept not only beautiful, but your health is not kept at risk either.

Quality of Air
Upon the slightest disruption of their settled state, so many bacterial organisms will be released into the air. Anyone who is allergic to the same will definitely have a difficult time, particularly those who have respiratory problems. To help you out, we normally clean your carpet from the base, to ensure that we get rid of as much airborne bacteria as we can.

Safe in Proximity
We do realize that the presence of the tiny pores on your floor are not just a disgusting sight, but they are also a health hazard, particularly when you have small kids running around the house. It is not just the kids who are at risk, but even adults who struggle with allergies from time to time are also at risk. It is therefore important to ensure that we do everything possible to make sure that we can keep your home safe from this bacterial invasion.

Deep Treatment
One of the main reasons why our carpet cleaning practice comes in handy for a lot of home owners is because of the fact that our emphasis lies in cleaning your carpet from the core upwards. We do not just brush over. Other than cleaning your carpet, we also take time to clean underneath the carpet, so that we leave nothing to chance.

By the end of it all, our emphasis is to make sure that everything is as good as you need it to be, and you will have no worries about bacteria, or sanitation. One of the other things that we focus on is to use non-toxic cleaning agents, in the process weeding any dirt or bacteria from your carpet, while at the same time making sure that we leave the carpet as hygienically clean as possible.

What about carpets that are beyond salvage? Carpets that have been damaged in some parts but others are still okay? Well, you do not have to discard the entire thing, just bring it to us and we will find a way of sorting you out. We normally remove the parts that have been destroyed, and replace them with new material. In the long run, you have a really good work area, or space in the house. If you are somehow still struggling with mildew and mold, stop for a moment and give us a call at (636) 238-8259.