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It does not matter if you own a home or business; if you have carpeting on the floors in them then that carpeting will need to be cleaned every so often. Carpeting greatly enhances the looks and appeal of any type of room it is placed in but dirty or stained carpeting will have quite the opposite effect. Carpet fibers are like magnets when it comes to allergens, pet dander, dust and other contaminants being absorbed into them; vacuuming will get the tip of the surface clean but only a deep and thorough cleaning like we can provide will keep your carpets in pristine condition.

We are a well-established local business that takes a lot of pride in doing the best job possible on the cleaning services we provide. That is why we only stock our service vehicles with the best equipment available and we keep our skilled cleaning technicians up to date on the latest and best carpet cleaning methods.

Why Get Your Carpets and Upholstery Cleaned?
There are several reasons why you should get your carpets cleaned at least once a year; here are the most important of those reasons:


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The obvious reason that people get their carpets cleaned is because it makes them look great. A deep down steam or chemical carpet cleaning will have your carpets looking as good as new in no time at all.


Dirty carpets are some of the main causes for foul smelling odors in your house. Our deep cleaning methods will loosen odor causing bacteria and then it will get sucked up by our high suction vacuum systems.


A thorough carpet or upholstery cleaning not only makes your carpets and upholstery look better, but it will go a long way toward reconditioning your carpets fibers so they will last a lot longer before you need to replace them too.


You can vacuum your carpet two times a day every day and still not get it as clean as what are powerful carpet cleaning equipment can do. Our skilled technicians will eliminate such things from your carpet as allergens, mold, mildew and pet dander which can really affect your health over time as you breather them in.

St. Peters Cleaning Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home is your castle and no castle looks good with dirty carpets. We most certainly can help you there. Our skilled technicians are very adept at getting even the most stubborn types of carpets clean in your place of residence. We only use the very best carpet cleaning products to get results that will leave your carpets looking great; we will leave your carpets so clean you will be proud to show to them to any guests that may come to your home. No residential carpet cleaning job is too big or too small for us too handle.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are no carpets that are harder to keep clean than those that are used in a business or retail setting. This makes it difficult at times because nothing makes a bigger impression on your customers and clients then a good looking place of business and your carpets are a big part of that overall appearance.

We have the right equipment and the right personnel to keep your commercial carpet looking great. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians know all the tricks needed to get your carpets deep cleaned and looking almost like new; they can even come in and do this during your non-working hours.

Maybe you have a busy place that does not have a lot of down time for carpets to dry before use? That is not a problem for us and our advanced dry carpet cleaning methods feature some of the fastest drying times in the industry. We will work with you to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs no matter what challenges you face in keeping your carpets clean and looking great.

Carpet Stain Removal

Did someone spill wine on your good rug during a party or your pet have a bad day and couldn’t make it outside? Well we are experts at getting out tough stains so all is not lost. The next time you have a ‘stain emergency’ give us a call and we will get to your home right away and see what we can do.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets aren’t the only thing in your home that needs to be cleaned from time to time. Your furniture’s upholstery badly needs attention too. Your pets climb on your couch, you eat snacks while watching a ballgame or a movie and sometimes you come home from the gym or working outside and sit down before showering; all this can add up to a lot of dirt and other unwanted residue accumulating on your furniture. When you stop to think about it, your couch and plush chairs actually get more use then your carpets; that is why it is so important to clean them at least once a year too.

Area Rugs

Just because your carpet does not go wall to wall or is not tacked to the floor does not mean that it shouldn’t be cleaned once in a while. It is impractical to take large carpets outside to clean them so we can clean them in place just like any other type of carpet. The same techniques that we use to clean regular carpeting will leave your area rugs looking great too.

Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t stop with the floors and the upholstery when it comes to cleaning; for a very good overall house cleaning we can clean your air ducts at the same time we clean your carpets, upholstery and rugs. Forced air furnaces move a lot of air every single day and they usually only have inexpensive porous filters as the method for cleaning that air. This results in a lot of pet dander, dust, bacteria and allergens collecting on the inside of your central heating and air ductwork; there are literally hundreds of feet of ductwork in your house where this is happening.

Our very thorough duct cleaning service will put the finishing touch on your cleaning job and greatly improve the quality of the air that circulates through your residence. We have the know how and the equipment to get to all those hard to reach places inside of your duct work so you and your family will have better quality air to breathe while you are at home.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are few things in this world that are more frustrating to clean than Grout. It is a porous surface that just loves to build up mold and mildew; when it does it is extremely tough to get that mold and mildew out and it makes your bathroom or kitchen look dirty even when it is clean. Well problem solved thanks to our advanced tile and grout cleaning methods.

Bundled services

The combination of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and air duct cleaning will have a dramatic impact on the look, smell, and cleanliness of your home. Ask us on the phone about the available discounts for bundling these services together when we come out to your home or business.

Protect Your Home Décor Investment

Replacing the carpets in your home is not cheap by any means. One way to protect your carpet and to extend its working life is by coating the fibers in your carpet with a surface protectant. Here are the two choices we offer our customers as far as adding more stain resistance to your household and commercial carpeting:

  • Scotchguard

This is a proven product that is well known for helping to prevent your carpets from getting stained and to give you more time to clean them and prevent spills from becoming stains when accidents do happen on them. It is an invisible barrier that won’t harm any type of carpet fibers.

  • Teflon

Just like Teflon coating will keep food from sticking to your pots and pans it will also inhibit oil and water based contaminants from penetrating through to the inside of your carpet fibers and cause unsightly and impossible to get out stains.

So whether you want to keep your brand new carpet looking new as long as possible or you want to keep your recently cleaned carpet looking great, consider adding Teflon or Scotchguard treatments to your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Reputation Speaks for Itself

You get more with us then just a carpet cleaning company that does a great job. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best and most satisfactory carpet cleaning experience possible. Our trained technicians arrive on time and will go the extra mile to take care of all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and other cleaning needs.

We are a business that is well aware of how valuable that word of mouth is. That is why we work hard to try to keep every single customer happy with the services we provide.
We are your one stop place for all your carpet cleaning needs. It does not matter whether we are cleaning your carpet, cleaning your upholstery, cleaning your air ducts or cleaning your tile and grout; we will do it thoroughly and we will do it well.

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